Thursday, April 9, 2009

When friends have babies!

This is a photo from the first wedding I ever photographed.  I think I was in high school still & I shot the entire wedding with my Canon AE-1 and about 20 rolls of film.  The point is, the groom is my best friend Jacki's brother Joey & his wife is Michelle.  This year they had a baby!  Her name is Rachael and I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to photograph her at only one week old.  It was a little sentimental for me to photograph her considering one of my first professional photographic experiences was at her parents wedding.  She's a cutie!  Look at that purple hat.

Another recent sentimental moment for me was when I photographed this next little one.  Alicia is the new daughter of my friend from elementary school, Cara.  I remember in 5th grade when Cara and I created a dance routine to a medley from Grease and preformed it at the year end talent show, now she has a baby!  Alicia had the most hair on a newborn I've ever seen!  It was stunning!

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